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Joseph Marriner Gerrish Family

Artist Unidentified
Joseph Marriner Gerrish Family,
circa 1824

Maine Learning Results

Visual and Performing Arts

Grades 3, 4, 5

A. Disciplinary Literacy – Visual Arts:  Students show literacy in the art discipline by understanding and demonstrating concepts, skills, terminology, and processes.
A1 Artist’s Purpose
A2 Elements of Art and Principles of Design a, b

B. Creation, Performance, and Expression – Visual Arts:  Students create, express, and communicate through the art discipline.
B1 Media Skills
B2 Composition Skills
B3 Making Meaning

C. Creative Problem Solving:  Students approach artistic problem-solving using multiple solutions and the creative process.
C1 Application of Creative Process a, b, c, d, e

D. Aesthetics and Criticism:  Students describe analyze, interpret, and evaluate art.
D1 Aesthetics and Criticism a, b, c

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