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Untitled by Louise Nevelson (circa 1975-1976)

Louise Nevelson
Untitled, circa 1975-1976

Maine Learning Results

Social Studies

Grades 3, 4, 5

A. Applications of Social Studies Processes, Knowledge, and Skills: Students apply critical thinking, a research process, and discipline-based processes and knowledge from civics/government, economics, geography, and history in authentic contexts.
A2 Making Decisions Using Social Studies Knowledge and Skills, a

D. Geography: Students draw on concepts and processes from geography to understand issues involving people, places, and environments in the community, Maine, the United States, and world.
D2 Individual, Cultural, International, and Global Connections in Geography, a, b

E. History: Students draw on concepts and processes from history to develop historical perspective and understand issues of continuity and change in the community, Maine, the United States, and world.

E2 Individual, Cultural, International, and Global Connections in History, a

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Visual and Performing Arts

Grades 3, 4, 5

A. Disciplinary Literacy – Visual Arts:  Students show literacy in the art discipline by understanding and demonstrating concepts, skills, terminology, and processes.
A1 Artist’s Purpose
A2 Elements of Art and Principles of Design
A3 Media, Tools, Techniques, and Processes

B. Creation, Performance, and Expression – Visual Arts:  Students create, express, and communicate through the art discipline.
B1 Media Skills
B2 Composition Skills
B3 Making Meaning

C. Creative Problem Solving:  Students approach artistic problem-solving using multiple solutions and the creative process.
C1 Application of Creative Process a, b, c, d, e

D. Aesthetics and Criticism:  Students describe analyze, interpret, and evaluate art.
D1 Aesthetics and Criticism a, b

E. Visual and Performing Arts Connections: Students understand the relationship among the arts, history and world culture; and they make connections among the arts and to other disciplines, to goal-setting, and to interpersonal interaction.
E2 The Arts and other Disciplines
E3 Goal-Setting

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English Language Arts

Grades 4/3, 4, 5

B. Writing: Students write to express their ideas and emotions, to describe their experiences, to communicate information, and to present or analyze an argument.
B4 Persuasive, a

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