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Weatherbeaten by Winslow Homer (1894)

Winslow Homer
Weatherbeaten, 1894

Maine Learning Results

English Language Arts

Grades 5/3, 4, 5

A. READING: Students read to comprehend, interpret, analyze, evaluate, and appreciate literary and expository texts by using a variety of strategies. They connect essential ideas, evaluate arguments, and analyze the various perspectives and ideas presented in a variety of literary and expository texts.
A1 Interconnected Elements: Comprehension, Vocabulary, Alphabetics, Fluency a, c, e, f
A2 Literary Texts d, e, f

B. WRITING: Students write to express their ideas and emotions, to describe their experiences, to communicate information, and to present or analyze an argument.
B1 Interconnected Elements a, b, c, f, g, h
B2 Narrative a, c, d
B3 Argument/Analysis b
B4 Persuasive a

D. LANGUAGE: Students write and speak using the conventions of Standard American English. They apply knowledge of grammar and usage when reading to aid comprehension. They know and apply rules of mechanics and spelling to enhance the effectiveness and clarity of communication.
D1 Grammar and Usage a, b
D2 Mechanics a, b, c

E. LISTENING AND SPEAKING: Students listen to comprehend and speak to communicate effectively.
E1 Listening a, b
E2 Speaking a, b, c

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Visual and Performing Arts

Grades 3, 4, 5

A. Disciplinary Literacy – Visual Arts: Students show literacy in the arts discipline by understanding and demonstrating concepts, skills, terminology, and processes.
A1 Artist’s Purpose
A2 Elements of Art and Principles of Design a, b

E. Visual and Performing Arts Connections: Students understand the relationship among the arts, history, and world culture; and they make connections among the arts and to other disciplines, to goal-setting, and to interpersonal interaction.
E2 The Arts and Other Disciplines

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